Un-land by Dr Muto

This happens once in eternity.
All four black suns are going down
Receding ray fingers of the darkness
The days ends
This is one night in billion
And a persevering thaw begins
That will cycle from the very beginning to the very end
Cold ice tentacles of the light shatter in a dark dust
And the fallout is warm
The permafrost of Universe is a call of yester
Everything melts and liquidifies
Pressing hard against dams of reality
And when glacier is gone
And flood finally ebbs
There is nothing between you
And primordial crustaceans crawling in timeless dirt
But demonic faces
If you call them by their name
You shall pass
Or err by a letter
And they will feed on you till the eternal night ends
And maggots will recycle your flesh
This is day first on countless days of the night
That will scrape your bones shining white
And let the ancient creatures suck on your very marrow
Unless you call on gods
That you renounced eons ago
Will they hear you
If you cannot recall The Land
That used to be called Navia, Vyrai, Rai , Across The Water, Behind Milky Way, Irj
Or just In The Abyss