Void-born masters by Grandfather Paradox

Stirred from slumber
Wakened giants
Yawn with gaping maws

Void-born masters
Full of darkling sparks
Emerge to grin once more

With gravel-grinding
And crystal breath so cold

Set the pillars of the world to creak
The iron chains of man
They set to writhe and groan

What is this but an under-way?
A call of glaciers, ancient cold
A grave-song long buried ? now rising on the wind

The seeds of chaos now awake
To fill the veins of kings
Beggars and thieves now upright stand

As Lords with shining rings
The elder riches ? burning blood
And fierce the hand, the eye!

These treasures deep
Now unearthed
By Chaos’ hue and cry!

And oh, what laughter beneath the drone
The funeral song
As civilizations die!

Yet ‘neath the wrack and ruin
Moves something hard and cold
And wolves unchained now prowl the streets

As they did in days of old

Behind the face of man
There lurks
An uncreated Beast

A thing of wonder
And of awe
Inviting you to feast

To crack the bone
And pound with drum
The rhythm upon the earth

To scent
To hunt
To seek and find

The only things of worth.
That which sets the soul afire
And endures beyond the flame

To smile with death
The Raven’s Head
We never shall be tame!

‘Pon cave walls and ‘pon rocks now smooth
We bled and told our tales
We sang our songs and made our art ?  in mountains and in vales

Here so long before the gods
We watched them come at last
And knew within our secret hearts

We’d be here
Long after
They were past

So if we stir within your heart
And set your pulse to race
Look in a mirror

Clear and cold
And see beyond
Your face.